Welcome to the romantic land of rolling hills, lush greeneries, gushing waterfalls and dreamy mist. Paradise is near, just a trip away!

The History


Parisons Resort and Plantation has an incredible story of almost 200 years of history behind and a heritage of perseverance and development. The story dates back to the British Colonial Raj era.

Tea was introduced to India in 1830. Tea was planted in various Estates from 1892.The estates of Cherakara, Jessie, Talapoya and Tatamala originally belonged to the British and Continental Tea Plantation Trust. Later these were taken over by Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited of Manchester and the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited of Glasgow. Parisons estates and industries purchased these Estates as per a Deed of Sale dated on 24th December 2004. Parisons’ 4025 acres of tea garden has some selected varieties of hybrid China and Assam teas.



Our Cherakara and Talapoya bungalows are remodeled for modern living while preserving the architecture and are ready to accommodate the visitors. The other two bungalows are also getting renovated to their former glory and are planned to be run as eco resorts.

All the bedrooms have the characteristic spaciousness of the old royal bungalows and you will get the most amazing view out the numerous windowpanes. The bungalows are exquisitely designed with stunningly impressing interiors. We greet our guests to an ambience that is in harmony with nature. Each room is discretely designed, elegantly furnished, charmingly decorated and well air ventilated. There are plenty of lounging spots within our lush gardens where you can have a peaceful conversation with nature.

Explore Rooms

Parisons’ old-fashioned personal service and meticulous attention to detail remains unchanged over the years and has earned us an enviable reputation as the premier year –round resort destination in Wayanad. We have got all those to rejuvenate your mind and body; from trekking and games to sauna & steam bath and it’s needless to say about our delicious dishes to delight the diner. Once you are at our resort, you would want to stay longer.


Our Facilities


We offer a number of facilities to make your stay in Wayanad fully enjoyable. Guests with a passion for sport and who don’t like to compromise their healthy lifestyle will be greatly impressed by our facilities.

Parisons Group

Parisons group is a legacy of trust envisioned by late JanabA.V.Kunhipari in the 1950's. From its humble beginnings to a leading corporate entity in South India, Parisons group has grown into a formidable presence at every phase of the agri-business cycle including production, processing and distribution.

The Parisons Group with its corporate base in Calicut Kerala is the largest manufacturers and marketers of two basic food commodities, wheat Flour and edible oils in South India. The group is now headed by Mr. N.K.Mohammed Ali, a resourceful leader and futuristic thinker. His dynamic leadership combined with the illustrious efforts of his brothers, Mr.N.K.Ashraf, Mr.N.K.Khalid and Mr. N.K.Haris has been the motive force behind Parisons’ success story.