Come, get enchanted!


Experience the thrill of living in a palatial Colonial Bungalow located in the middle of green hills and tumbling waters.

The green and glamorous bunglows


Cherakara and Talapoya are age old bungalows built in 1911. These estates are conveniently located in North Kerala and are connected to Kannur in the north, Nilgiris in the south, Kozhikode (Calicut) in the west and Mysore to the east making them easily accessible holiday destination. After acquiring these huge bungalows, Parisons remodeled them by slotting in the most luxurious facilities. Both the bungalows are magnificently located at the crest of the hills, offering the visitor a remarkable view of the landscape. The incredibly spacious rooms have everything that a honeymoon couple, a family or a business group would seek: be it comfort, luxury, solitude, serenity with enriching experiences. Our bungalows are gifted with the ultimate blend of nature, infra-structural excellence and service. Our passionate mission is to facilitate happy memories that stays etched on your mind for years to come.

Set off to explore

Take a stroll. The cool breeze instantly fills you with that stimulating aroma of tea. Wander through the boundless beauty of our vast tea gardens. Now take a stroll down the mountain stream. And when you relax in the shade, a rushing breeze will lend you an effervescent fragrance of the forest flowers and bushes.




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