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Driving through the twisty roads of Wayanad surrounded by lush greens, slowly conquering the altitudes, you would feel the chillness in the air. The landscape has so much in store, be it the teak woods, dancing bamboos or anything wrapped steep in green. You will get charged up for sure and it will be real fun moving with the misty clouds. When the monkeys are on sight, it’s a sign that the jungle is near. The smooth roads will then take you to the vast tea gardens which opens up to the earthly paradise called Plantation Experiences. At an altitude of 3000 feet in the mist-clad hills of Wayanad, Parisons is the ideal destination for anyone who is in search for an enriching experience.


Tracing the historical routes


Huddled amidst the lush tropical forest, mist clad hills with myriad forms of flora and fauna, gurgling mountain streams and cascading waterfalls, Wayanad is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kerala. Wayanad is nestled along the southern belt of mountainous plateau in the Western Ghats, 700 to 2100 meters above sea level. Wayanad’s landscape combines epic mountain scenery, paddies fields, bamboos, tea plantations, spice crops and tea & coffee plantations.

Wayanad’s history and heritage has drawn the serious attention of archeologists and historians worldwide. The name Wayanad is derived from the expression ‘VayalNadu’ which means “The Village of Paddy Fields”. In ancient times the land was ruled by the’ Vedas’ Rajas. Later this land came under the rule of Pazhassi Rajah of Kottayam Royal Dynasty, though Mysore ruler Hider Ali invaded Wayanad and brought it under his sway. In the days of Tippu Sultan it was restored to the Kottayam Royal Dynasty. But as per the Sreerangapatanam truce Tippu handed over the entire Malabar region to the British, after which a fierce encounter between the British and Pazhassi Raja took place to obtain this rich piece of land. With the help of ‘Kurichya’ tribal, Pazhassi organized guerilla encounters with the British. Pazhassi Raja fought till his death. The British could get only the dead body of the Rajah who killed himself somewhere in the interior forest. . Thus Wayanad fell into the hands of the British. They opened up this land for cultivation of cash crops. They laid roads across the dangerous slopes of Wayanad from Kozhikode and Thalassery. These roads are extended to Mysore and Ooty through Gudalur.

When the state of Kerala came into being in 1956 Wayanad was a part of Kannur district. In1957, South Wayanad was added to Kozhikode district and north Wayanad remained with Kannur district. By combining the north Wayanad and south Wayanad the present Wayanad district came into being on 1st November 1980.


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It's a place where the mountain soar, clouds drift over and stars come closer. We may not be able to boast of the fun and happiness you would feel from our little trace of heaven. What better way to enjoy a vacation than spending it in a comfy heritage resort nestled in amongst the rolling hills? Now, experience the thrill of living in a resort that's located right in the middle of green hills and tumbling waters.